Terms & Conditions for IDES 2024


All registrations are personal, and sales are final and non-transferable.

A limited seats for IDES2024 are reserved for global law enforcement at no cost. However you will be charged a no-show fee (200 USD) upon registration. Once you have attended both days of the conference you will be able to have a 100% refund of this no-show fee. If you do not attend both days of the event, the no-show fee will not be refunded.

Do you qualify to attend?
If you are a public safety professional or have an active employee you may quality for a ticket to IDES2024. Pls use the link to register the appropriate category. Pls note that the category separates contractors from public safety professionals.

Who will get tickets for IDES2024?
As a law enforcement / public safety representative you may request to participate and obtain some of the seats that are reserved for the event. However, pls note that the seats are equally shared globally so each country within Interpol will have the equal opportunity to participate at no cost. This means that you may be grated access to the conference, however we can not guarantee free LEA tickets for all.

Use valid email when registering:
To register under this category, you must have a valid .gov, .mil, or .org email address. Registrants may be required to show their credentials, government employee ID, or military ID

Contractors do not qualify for government registration and must register under the standard tickets.