UAS Norway

UAS Norway was established in January 2008 as the national RPAS organization in Norway.

The organization is non-profit and independent, open to all private and public companies and organizations related to unmanned airplanes.

UAS Norway’s main goal is to:

• Be a representative of the Norwegian RPAS environment
• Promote an RPAS policy that is in line with Norwegian RPAS industry and operators
• Suggest and promote national UAS-related committees for the industry
• Promote the interests of Norwegian RPAS industry and operators in international forums
• Establish UAS Norway as a natural place to address RPAS-related issues
• Promote and participate in regulatory development in cooperation with national and international organizations and authorities.
• Coordinate UAS activities with National Aviation Authorities (CAA) and with ATC (AVINOR), and other other airspace users.
• Promote knowledge of RPAS, their applications and benefits.

If you´re planning on working within the UAV industry in Norway we´d be happy to assist you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or at +47 32993388