DJI's representative in the Nordics, Boston Group, will be the main partner during UNC 2022.

DJI in the Nordics will be main partner for UNC 2022

Boston Group, DJI's representative in all the Nordic countries, is the main partner during this year's Nordic drone conference, UNC 2022 in Kristiansand 21 - 23 November.
Hans O. Torgersen

Boston Group, DJI’s representative in the Nordic countries, is the main partner for UAS Norway during this year’s Nordic drone conference, UNC 2022 in Kristiansand November 21th – 23th.

The Boston Group has its head office in Denmark, and is a wholesaler for DJI throughout the Nordics. All dealers get their DJI drones and other company products from Boston.

– Why are you collaborating with UAS Norway on UNC 2022?

– Because DJI is a significant player in the drone community both in the Nordic countries  and around the world. Nordic collaboration has not been carried out at UNC in the same way before, replies John Roger Sørbøe in Boston Norway.

Boston has dealers in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

– We want to take action regarding the use of drones in the public sector. There are so many similarities between these countries, that we think it is smart to do so.

Sørbøe points out that UAS Norway is an independent organisation.

– We are too, in the sense that we do not take a position on whether any dealers should be given priority. The expertise lies with the dealers, they are the ones who have to compete for the contracts with the state, counties and municipalities as customers.

Boston wants to gain more knowledge about the needs of customers in the public sector, i.e. state, counties and municipalities.

– There is no one who can better tell us about the need out there than the customers. That is why we are joining UNC.

In the world market, DJI has a market share of somewhere between 90 and 95 percent.

– It is what is mounted under the drone that is important, and the data that is collected by the sensors. Above all it is important to ensure correct use of the, says Sørbøe.

DJI Matrice 30T documenting a mass rescue operation next to the AW101 in Isfjorden on Svalbard as part of LIVEX 2022. PHOTO: Anders Martinsen, ARCSAR LIVEX 2022

– Important step

– The collaboration with DJI as one of our main partners for UNC 2022 is an important step in furthering the meeting place to become a Nordic powerhouse for the drone industry, says Anders Martinsen, CEO of UAS Norway.

He emphasizes that through its investment in the public sector, DJI has shown that it wants to be a long-term partner. The company also wants to invite other parts of the industry to collaborate in order to find the best overall solution needed to realize the benefits of using drones.

– We have worked closely with DJI globally over several years to put the Nordics on the map. Through this, we have strengthened the collaboration in order to jointly help the public sector to get started faster and more effectively in areas that many did not know were possible.

Martinsen says that the DJI team, which supports the conference with both