The city of Kristiansand in southern Norway will host the UNC 2022 in November.
Foto:Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Drone conference with unique program – presentations and workshop

How to increase the value of data from drones? Increase the reuse of data? And how can the public sector collaborate more on using drones for automated inspection? These are central themes when the entire Nordic drone industry gathers at UNC 2022 in Kristiansand, Norway.
Hans O. Torgersen

UNC 2022 will be held on 21 – 23 November, and will when be fully back after the pandemic, but  changing format. Now drones are to be flown in the center of the capital of Southern Norway. 

– UNC 2022 is the highlight of the year for the drone industry, not only in Norway, but in the Nordics. It is the gathering of power for the entire drone industry, whether you are an end user, service provider or otherwise have a relationship with the drone industry, says Anders Martinsen, CEO of UAS Norway.

UNC stands for the Unmanned Nordic Drone Conference, which UAS Norway has organized for 15 years.


– The drone industry has many meeting points throughout the year. What is unique about UNC is that it is a broad platform, a place to build networks and gain insight into most of what is happening in the drone industry, and also into the future, says Anders Martinsen of UAS Norway.

Profits very quickly

New this year is that a separate program committee, with both Norwegian and foreign members from the drone industry, has laid the foundations for the content of the conference.

Here is some of what you can look forward to during this year’s drone conference in Kristiansand in November 2022

– This year we have been particularly concerned that the participants should be able to withdraw profits very quickly by being present. We do that by turning the program around a bit, says Martinsen.

Anders Martinsen of UAS Norway on stage during UNC 2019.

Forget the usual conference where you sit in your chair all day and watch one speaker after the other show their slides and speak from the podium.

– Instead of bombarding the participants with presentations and key notes, we have divided it up with presentations on exciting topics, and then we have so-called “how to” sessions where you can get a deep dive and participate in workshops to learn more about current topics.

– What does this mean?

– That it will be a very practical approach, where end users who own the problem will be helped to solve it, and that the industry will demonstrate how they can solve tasks.

– Shall we fly a drone in the center of Kristiansand?

– Yes.

Cooperation with the municipality

UAS Norway is collaborating with Kristiansand municipality on this year’s conference. It is not accidental, as the public sector is important for the drone industry.

DJI Enterprise (dual) during inspection of a roof.

– Many of those who will be interested in coming to UNC this year will be those who have an affiliation with the public sector. It could be that they own large building blocks, are involved in operations, management, mapping, inspection, or are responsible for critical infrastructure, says Martinsen.

This applies to everyone who needs data, especially those who need data quickly, and who must repeat the same operations many times.

– Classic tasks that drones can be useful for, Martinsen asserts.

He does not claim that drones are suitable for everything, but that many tasks have been identified that drones are clearly suitable for.

Safety and integration in society

– We will of course talk about safety, about how drones are to be integrated into society in a safe and secure way. And then we will talk about how to build a healthy and good drone industry, which has good framework conditions for everyone involved.

– We will definitely focus on a central main area, namely inspection. We will bring some of the very best in the industry. Statsbygg is involved and willingly shares its experiences, not only from the podium on stage, but also through practical demonstrations, concludes Martinsen.