The UASN crew gathered at the Svalbard Hotel Polfareren,
Foto:UAS Norway

Drones and environment topics in Svalbard – UAS Norway have arrived

A Nordic drone conference, Nordic Drone Event, is taking place in Longyearbyen this week. The topic: Environmental challenges where drone technology could make a difference.
Sigve Losnegård

For a long time, we have wanted to create a larger platform for a Nordic drone cooperation. We believe Nordic Drone Event could be just that, Anders Martinsen, general manager of UAS Norway, says.

Together with other members of his profession organization staff, he is surrounded by breathtaking surroundings at Svalbard. The Nordic drone conference, Nordic Drone Event, is happening Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The conference is organized by UAS Norway, UAS Denmark, UAS Sweden and RPAS Finland, in cooperation with NITO, The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists.

Their goal is focusing on the drone’s role in environmental work, while making the world aware of the possibilities drone technology offers also in this territory.

We have chosen to focus on the Arctic and the High North, as we believe that drone technology has a vast potential for utilization. Are we going to use drones for monitoring  the climate and environment at sea, we must recognize the resources that exist. We believe it’s possible to apply drone technology to attain such an understanding, and that the industry may contribute in finding solutions for some of the major environmental challenges the world is facing today. Everyone’s attention is on plastic in our oceans, and this will be one of the topics we will be addressing these next few days, Martinsen says.

The UASN leader believes that Svalbard’s unique scenery will inspire the participants.

Svalbard does something to you. It provides a scope that gives the partakers a once in a lifetime experience. Our goal is creating a conference beyond the ordinary, Martinsen says.