Map of the airport's airspace restrictions and safety zones. Illustration: Avinor

Planning to fly a drone near Molde Airport? Here are the drone rules

Here are the drone rules that apply near Molde Airport - We give you the tips for safe and secure flying.
Tina Depui Martinsen, ChatGPT

Molde, with its beautiful landscapes and unique lighting conditions, is an attractive area for drone flying. However, the proximity to Molde Airport requires drone operators to take extra precautions and follow strict rules.


Want to know more about the national drone rules? Read them HERE


Use the map solution to see other important information before your flight!


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1. Flying in Controlled Airspace

Within a radius of 5 km from Molde Airport, it is prohibited to fly drones without approval from the aviation authorities. This controlled zone covers a large area, and all drone activities must be coordinated to avoid conflicts with air traffic.

2. Maximum Flight Altitude

You must never fly the drone higher than 120 meters above ground level. This altitude restriction is set to prevent collisions with low-flying aircraft and helicopters, which often operate in the area.

3. No-Fly Zones

Certain areas around the airport are completely off-limits for drone flying. This includes runways and adjacent areas that are critical for airport operations. It is important to familiarize yourself with these zones before planning to fly.

4. Using the Ninox Drone App

Download the Ninox Drone app for mobile phones or tablets, or use the web version. Ensure you have an authentication app like Microsoft Authenticator for two-factor authentication. Flying and approval are given in two steps:

5. Flight Plan

Before starting a flight, you must submit a flight plan for approval. This includes:

  • Desired location for flying
  • Departure time, duration, and altitude
  • Contact information in case rapid contact is necessary

The flight plan must be submitted in good time but cannot be approved until 60 minutes before the flight.

6. Departure

The operator must request departure in the app when the flight is to start and await approval. During the flight, the operator must monitor the phone for warnings or requests to land. The operator must also end the plan when the flight is completed.

7. Alternative Contact Information and Local Procedures for Molde control tower

  • Molde control tower has its own procedures and routines. This is what Avinor needs in terms of information:
  • To fly a drone, contact the airport control tower. Illustration: Avinor”

By following these guidelines and using tools like the Ninox Drone app, you contribute to a safer sky over Molde and ensure that both drone flying and commercial air traffic can coexist without problems.

Fly safely and enjoy the fantastic views Molde has to offer, but always with respect for the rules and others in the air!