Young Eco-Agents awarded 1,2 mill NOK

In Oslo today, the first donation of the so-called “plastic bag millions” have been given to the Eco-Agents, an environmental organisation for children and youth, represented by Penelope Lea and Ulrik Hellum (10). This donation has been given them
Sigve Losnegård

Penelope is beaming. -This is really fantastic! And important. We are thrilled to be awarded this huge donation! We will spend them on improving and speeding up the cleaning of our coastline, but also on recruiting more kids to our organisation.  

-It’s really exciting, says Ulrik. -It’s incredible that the Eco-Agents now can use drones to save the world, so to speak. The new technology is really effective, and we are looking forward to using it for the good of the environment!


-The Eco-Agents is a wonderful organisation which mobilises the very best among us, Rasmus Hansson from Handelens Miljøfond, the retail businesses’ environmental fund, said after having handed over the oversized check symbolizing the donation of 1,2 million NOK to the Eco-Agents. -Children and youth take responsibility for our earth’s future. They have gotten really great partners as well, collaborators who provide the very best of new technology. They are an example of the best things that are happening in our society, said a deeply impressed Hansson.

Also Ola Elvestuen, Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment, was impressed. -They do a great job, and really deserve the money, he said. And the drone technology really makes their work much more manageable.

The “plastic bag millions” are being distributed among 73 organisations aiming for at cleaner environment and are funded by the price people pay for plastic bags. Over 30 million NOK will be donated this year. Close to 200 organisations applied, and will get a new chance in the next round.

The EU awarded Oslo the title European Green Capital for 2019. Oslo has been reopening old waterways, and large natural areas and woods surrounding the city have been maintained building-free reservations. Following its “Climate Budget”, the city aims to cut emissions by 50 % within 2020 (compared to 1990), and car free zones have been established all over downtown Oslo.