Eco-Agents awarded 1,2 mill NOK: Penelope Lea and Ulrik Hellum was very pleased with the donation from Norways minister of Climate and Environment and Rasmus Hansson, representing the fund giving the funds for the eco-agents. Representing UAS Norway, Anders Martinsen

How to get the youth excited: Drones for saving the environment!

One thing is clear. The coming generation has a pretty different world view than their predecessors.
Rune Schlanbusch

I find it funny that people are complaining lately when the youth is skipping one day at school to show their commitment to the environment. Isn’t this what we ask of them? The Eco-Agents is a group of kids slightly more committed than average. Their group of Special Agents are fighting their own war for the environment and they ask for action from our generation. At Svalbard in September last year Penelope Lea, a 14 years old Special Agent reminded us how much the youth cares for the environment.

“I dream of you making me proud, that you don’t just sit in the auditorium nodding and listening. I want you to actually do something. I want you to take responsibility and make an effort. I want you to commit”

Among an auditorium full of international technology experts and environmental scientists the message was crystal clear, what can be done? UAS Norway took the initiative to establish a consortium of international partners from industry, academia, research institutes and governmental institutions to support their work saving our environment but putting together the world most advanced toolbox for efficiently locate plastic and other trash in the environment.

So, you might ask yourself how collecting a few extra kilograms of plastic every now and then will make a difference? Remember that in Norway there are 7000 of them and they are pretty serious! But most importantly we believe that in any way we can motivate, encourage, educate and disseminate them and their effort holds the true value of such a project. I think we all agree on that saving the environment is of peak importance, but why not make it funny at the same time?

The project started during winter 2018 and the first group of Eco Agents will be seen across beaches all over Norway in May 2019 localizing trash from air and sea. We grownups on the other hand, are standing on the side line cheering them onwards? No! We walk side by side with a plastic bag each.